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You might wonder how private insurance companies can offer zero-premium Medicare Advantage plans. Even though some Medicare Advantage Plans offer a $0 monthly premium you would still need to continue paying your Medicare Part B premium of $135.50 per month. Zero premium Medicare plan does not mean free. READ MORE >>

If you have Original Medicare (Parts A & B), then you likely know that you still have certain out-of-pocket costs to pay. You also might not receive certain coverage for certain care. However, you likely know that there are a few different policy options to help enhance your Medicare. READ MORE >>

If you experience cataracts, your doctor might recommend a variety of temporary treatments. Cataracts are a progressive disease, nevertheless. Therefore, the need for surgery might eventually arise. If you have vision insurance, will it help you with some of the costs of cataracts? READ MORE >>

If you take medication, you’ll have to fit the cost of care into your budget. Given that the costs of drugs without insurance are often very high, you’ll want to see if your own plan will help you out. If you have a Medicare Part D plan, you are in luck in having coverage for your prescriptions. READ MORE >>

Now that we are well-into the new year, your insurance plan for this year likely has taken effect. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, your coverage should have started on January 1. So, now that you have a fresh plan, you will likely want to use it. One of your most-critical needs as a senior is likely to get an annual checkup. READ MORE >>

If your loved one has just passed away, you might not know where to turn. You need support yourself at this trying time. You’ll also want to give the deceased a moving farewell and tidy up their affairs. Often, this will mandate considerable spending. If you don’t have the money, you might be at a loss on how to proceed. READ MORE >>

Sometimes, a person’s age and health mean they cannot care for themselves alone anymore. It’s a sad fact, but one that every senior must consider. If you have Medicare, you might wonder if your plan will help pay for some or any of the long-term care  you might need? READ MORE >>

Millions of Americans want their final farewell to be a meaningful event. If you are one of them, you might wonder how to ensure you get what you want for funeral services. You might also wonder how survivors are going to pay for the event. With funeral pre-planning and an investment in final expenses insurance, you can put worries aside. READ MORE >>

Some people don’t go to the dentist because they cannot afford the care costs. Others don’t go because they simply think they don’t need care. Some might wait until significant oral problems develop to see a provider. In any case, this generally isn’t a good choice to make. READ MORE >>

Millions of Americans rely on Medicare to provide health benefits. It exists, in part, because of the advanced health needs of senior citizens. Indeed, as you age, your recovery time from illnesses might become longer. You might even need skilled home health workers to take care of you. READ MORE >>

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