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Dental and Vision Insurance for Medicare Customers

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Medicare policyholders can get insurance for hospitalizations, doctor visits, procedures and more through Original coverage. However, how can you get covered for services like dental and vision care? Many Medicare plans don’t automatically include this protection.

Dental and vision health remains vital to many Americans’ wellness. Therefore, Medicare does allow avenues for those who want this protection to enroll in coverage. Let the agents at Senior Market Agents Network help you determine your eligibility and coverage options for these services.

Does Original Medicare cover Dental and Vision?

Original Medicare (Parts A&B) does not cover most standard dental and vision care. Therefore, if you need a teeth cleaning or eyeglasses, don’t expect coverage. You’ll likely have to look other places.

The only cases where a procedure would have Medicare coverage is if it is a medically-necessary tactic. For example, if you need ophthalmic surgery (like cataract removal), or oral-maxillofacial surgery, Medicare might cover the costs. Talk to your plan administrator about specific procedures, however.

What Medicare plans cover dental and vision?

Even with limits to Parts A & B coverage, the Medicare system is extremely diverse. Various options exist to help you enroll in dental or vision coverage at your discretion.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans, often called Part C coverage, are private insurance policies supported by the Medicare program. They’ll include all Part A and Part B coverage, but you can also add additional protection, including dental/vision.
  • If you have a Medigap policy, many insurers will offer a discount program or special savings options for dental or vision care.
  • Remember, options to enroll in a private, non-Medicare dental or vision plan do exist. However, talk to your insurance agent about your eligibility.

How do I apply for Medicare Dental or Vision Care?

If you need dental or vision care, you can look into which Medicare Advantage plans provide the most dental and vision coverage. Most Medicare Advantage plans only cover preventive dental for cleanings and x-rays. Another option is to purchase a comprehensive stand alone dental plan that covers major services such as crowns, extractions and dentures. 

To learn more on how you can go about finding the dental vision plan that fits your needs contact Senior Market Agents Network at 877-209-4949 or online. We’re here to help you get covered.

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